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NUC's for business use

The NUC Pc's are extremely efficient for business use. Not only the small size but also the quiet design, low power usage and the included VESA mount make the NUC the ultimate desktop replacement.

Did you know that because of the low power usage the NUC can earn itself back by saving power compared to a traditional desktop computer? This gives you even more reason to replace those old power consuming desktops with even faster performing NUC's

The NUC can be equipped with a wireless keyboard/mouse set so that your desktop remains cable-free!

For greater business use you can choose a NUC with Windows 7, 8 or 10 Professional so you can login to your domain.

The possibilities with these NUC's are unlimited. Because of their small size they fit perfectly in a kiosk, for digital media usage (Digital Signage), as POS system but also procesautomation or logistics. Because of the 12 volts DC input the NUC's can be used in cranes, on ships and even in trucks.