APC Interface expander AP9607

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APC AP9607 UPS interface expander
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The UPS Interface Expander (AP9607) is an American Power Conversion (APC) SmartSlot™ accessory that provides two additional computer interface ports for your APC UPS equipped with a SmartSlot accessory slot. It allows the UPS to work in conjunction with your power management software to provide safe system shutdown in extended power outages for up to three network servers or other devices. Since the computer interface port of the UPS remains available while using the Interface Expander, it is possible to provide advanced UPS and power management functions to all protected devices. You can provide power management with APC PowerChute© plus software and UPS accessories such as the APC Web/SNMP Management Card (AP9606) for network connectivity and the Call-UPS©II (AP9208, AP9608) remote management device. The Interface Expander draws power from the UPS. It monitors the UPS and reports power conditions (e.g., On Battery, Low Battery, On Line) to all attached devices.

The Interface Expander:

• Mounts in all APC devices equipped with a SmartSlot accessory slot.

• Works well in a heterogeneous network. Servers running different operating systems can monitor the same UPS simultaneously.

• Supports advanced or simple signaling on the advanced port of the UPS.

• Can delay shutdown of the UPS until all servers have shut down gracefully.

• Allows you to restart hung servers.

• Has operating modes that cause the UPS to shut down after confirmation from all protected devices or after an interval set by the user. See “Configuring the Interface Expander” on page 19.

• Does not depend on the operation of the network to protect connected devices. As a hard-wired accessory, the Interface Expander reliably conveys important status messages during poor power conditions.

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